About Pet Groomer Finder

Where Pet People Come Together

The more we can connect as people, the more we can give our pets. This was the mission behind Pet Groomer Finder, our one-of-a-kind platform connecting pet owners with pet groomers.

We know that pet people are also busy people. That's why we wanted to create a space where owners can easily search for groomers and schedule appointments online. In turn, groomers can customize their booking options and tailor PGF's features to their businesses.

A Free and Convenient Tool for Pet Owners

While the Internet is full of online directories, many of them cover several industries under one platform. PGF is different because it was built exclusively for the pet grooming industry. Every feature and benefit was built according to the unique needs of pet owners and pet groomers. No other industries. No distractions. Just one convenient place for pet owners to find local groomers, build lasting relationships and promote the health and wellness of our beloved pets.

Using PGF, pet owners can:

  • Find local groomers on one centralized platform
  • Book appointments online 24/7/365
  • Manage your pet's grooming records online, including appointment history
  • Read groomer reviews before requesting an appointment and submit your own reviews

From Phone to Finder

"Find a groomer near me."

"Show dog grooming near me."

"Show cat grooming near me."

Sound familiar? We bark all different kinds of commands into our phones. But why start with your phone when there's already a platform that's done the work? Save time and narrow your search with PGF that was built for pet people, by pet people.

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What Is Groomsoft?

Groomsoft is our proprietary software for pet grooming businesses. Developed specifically for groomers, GS subscribers enjoy a number of features, including: custom appointment calendars, text message appointment reminders for customers, client and pet record keeping, business reporting, ordering pet loss sympathy gifts at the click of a button and much more. PGF fully integrates with Groomsoft and extends online appointment booking to GS subscribers. It is the next evolution of Groomsoft and helps further our mission to fully empower groomers across North America.

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About MRR Technologies

MRR Technologies is the team behind Groomsoft and Pet Groomer Finder. After spending years building internal web applications for a Fortune 500 company, founders Andrew and Shawn joined forces to create MRR Technologies, LLC.

We started out building websites and providing computer consulting services for a wide range of clients. Then one day, a groomer asked us to install an existing pet grooming software on her computer. We couldn't believe how chaotic and confusing the software was. And that's coming from a bunch of techies!

That's when we had an idea. What if we could build a software that would change the playing field for pet groomers? We quickly got to work and built a much more simple, user-friendly software. After months of researching and programming, Groomsoft was released in 2011. And we've been improving and building upon it ever since!